Death by red hot poker up the anus

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Death by a red hot poker up the arse?King Edward II supposed...

Answers. It was later rumoured that Edward had been killed by the insertion of a piece of copper into his anus (later a red-hot iron rod, as in the supposed murder of Edmund Ironside), supposedly as a deserved end of a homosexual. It also supposedly had the added benefit that it would appear that the king had died a natural death; 25 Horrifyingly Brutal And Drawn-Out Deaths That Actually... Ended up trapped in a walk-in oven and slowly roasted to death at 270°. “Link to an article about a guy who worked for Bumble Bee Tuna, who ended up trapped in a walk-in oven and slowly roasted to death at 270°. To put that in a little perspective, usually you toast bread around 225°. The Witch of Gloucestershire -

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Meriden, West Midlands - Wikipedia From medieval times the village was accepted as the geographical centre of England until it was definitely proven not to be by the Ordnance Survey in the early-2000s. The American city of Meriden, Connecticut is named after this village. List of recurring South Park characters - Wikipedia This does not include the school children, family members or the school staff.

English King Edward II was murdered in his prison at Berkeley Castle on September 21 1327. He was either smothered or, according to the more colourful version, killed by having a red-hot poker thrust into his rectum.

Does anyone have rectal pain?: Hi ladies... - Endometriosis UK I had the same kind of rectal pain you're describing. Felt like a red hot poker was going up my bum. Turned out to be endo in my bowels (as well as everywhere else). I had to have surgery done by a gynaecologist and a colorectal surgeon. He took out a portion of my colon and rectum. Ended up with an ileostomy for a couple of months which was ... Top 10 Bizarre Deaths of the Middle Ages While imprisoned at Berkeley Castle, a group of assassins held him down and forcibly inserted a red-hot iron poker directly into his rectum. His public funeral was held later that same year, confirming his death to the citizens of England. Sharp Radiating Pain In Anus | Prostate Forum | Mens ... hello. i hope someone can give me some information. i have no knowledge of prostate related problems. i used to get an occasional sharp pain in my rectum. it would happen for 2 seconds and disappear. but as of a few months and very recent i get it 2 times in a 24 hour period. it feels like its in the surface of the re

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OK, I admit, it is a BIT of an exaggeration. But I couldn't find a red-hot poker at the exact correct degree of heat. So, imagine jamming that thing up your butt. (Only not QUITE that hot! (HOT, but not THAT hot!)) That will give you an idea of what an anal fissure feels like--to me. Especially while pooping and for a good hour afterwards. Following on from an earlier question, which English king ... However, symbolically, the red-hot poker up his anus story wins as the most gory demise for the first English Prince of Wales. If you click on the link below, you can take part in a poll on how you think the unfortunate monarch died.